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What's Included

Beveridge Landmark Events rentals include the following:

Selection of tables and chairs from the Resources List. Wireless microphone, and podium with wired microphone. A facility host onsite to assist with facility operations. The set-up and final cleaning of the facility. Use of the building from 10:00 am until 2:00 am (with exception of specified hourly rentals). Wedding rentals include a one hour rehearsal, scheduled according to availablility.

A SOCAN Fee and Re-Sound Fee may be required. This will be added to your fee and submittedd on your behalf.

We also offer hourly rentals. This is a three (3) hour rental in Studio One or Studio Two.

Pricing for registered non-profit organizations may be discounted. Please contact our Facility Coordinator for details.

Beveridge Landmark Events Resources List:

Mobile Component Stage. Chairs required for your event. 60" round tables. 48" round tables. Low cocktail tables. High cocktail tables. 8 foot rectangular tables. 6 foot rectangular tables. 15 high top tables. Bar service area(s) available.