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Caterer Guidelines

We want you to have the perfect event at Beveridge Landmark Events. This also means having the perfect food and beverage provider that meets your specific needs. If you want to bring in your own, that’s fine with us. This is a truly unique opportunity and beneficial to your event budget.


We have gathered a vendor list of catering professionals who have experienced working in our venue and in matching our high expectations. Select from the best caterers in the city and wow your guests with their delicious menus and top notch service.

Although we have a vendor list, we allow all of our clients to bring in any vendor they wish. There are no fees associated with bringing in a caterer not on our list. Caterers must sign a catering agreement prior to the event.

As the Liquor Primary License Holder, Beveridge Landmark Events will be the exclusive provider of bar services for all events hosted at the venue beginning 2017. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with professional bar services and innovative cocktail menus.