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Audio / Visual

Beveridge Landmark Events incorporates state-of-the-art Lighting, Sound and Video systems to support all your event and presentation needs while remaining both cost efficient and energy efficient.


Beveridge Landmark Events incorporates modern LED lighting and a cutting edge control system allowing for fine grained control of your event atmosphere. Rooms feature imported chandeliers from Italy, colour changing LED lighting features, individually focusable spot lights and touchscreen control of the entire space allowing for the space to be customized for your event and easily changed, at the touch of a button.


Beveridge Landmark Events is equipped with a flexible video routing system allowing for content to be routed from in-house sources or your own devices to any of wide variety of projectors and digital displays spread tastefully throughout each venue. All digital and natively supporting modern 1080P “Full HD” resolutions from end to end you can be sure your pictures, videos and presentations will look their best. Beveridge Landmark Events network based system allows for each display to have unique content as well as easily sending content between floors ensuring easy solutions to creative demands.


Beveridge Landmark Events audio systems were designed with quality, clarity and ease-of-use at the forefront – each space has a permanently installed full-range sound system that ensures excellent vocal clarity for speech as well as effortless power handling for music. A distributed system design ensures top-quality audio makes it to every person in the room and the incorporation of subwoofers ensures your musical program material - whether it be a band, DJ, video or just your phone – is presented with strength and accuracy. Flexible input locations distributed throughout the rooms allow for simple and trouble-free connections of phones, laptops, digital audio players, instruments, microphones, professional audio mixers and nearly anything else you may need. Beveridge Landmark Events has a professional-quality AKG wireless microphone system to keep your presenters free from the limits of cables and the uncertainties and stress of rental equipment.

  • Simple and flexible routing of video and audio between rooms and floors.
  • High quality commercial-grade presentation systems.
  • High speed internet connectivity; building wide gigabit wired and 802.11ac wireless network infrastructure.
  • Business cable TV and music package with multiple tuners (3 shared for the building).
  • Dante audio network, sACN lighting network and JAP video network allow for flexible expansion and easy integration of external sources.
  • Fully calibrated and tuned DSP based audio processing and routing.
  • Individually zoned downlights, track mounted spot lights and six feature chandeliers.
  • Colour-mixing RGBW cove light the entire length of the room.
  • Three 6000 lumen 1080P laser projectors with 133” tensioned roll down screens.
  • Permanently installed wireless microphone system.
  • 40 distributed 6.5” coaxial ceiling speakers and 4 subwoofers.
  • Five AV input plates conveniently placed around the room.
  • Dedicated source computer for device free presentation of content.
  • Airplay and GoogleCast presentation support.
  • Zoned downlights, track mounted spot lights and three feature chandeliers.
  • Three 4000 lumen 1080P projectors.
  • Permanently installed wireless microphone system.
  • 19 distributed 8” speaker cabinets and two 18” subwoofers.
  • Seven AV input plates conveniently placed around the room.
  • Dedicated source computer for device free presentation of content.
  • Airplay and GoogleCast presentation support.

Note: Some portable equipment and playback sources are shared between rooms – please coordinate your needs in advance with your account representative to ensure availability.